Why Some People Are Never Happy


Hi, Doug Andrew here.

I want to share with you a powerful concept that explains the difference between a captivity mindset and a freedom mindset.

This is like a scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset, where a lot of people go through life always needing, versus those who are wanting abundance for everyone in their lives.


We go through life oft times looking at ourselves in the present moment as if we’re here, and we can’t wait till we get there. Whatever there is.

When we’re in preschool, we can’t wait till we get to kindergarten. Then we finally go to kindergarten and we say, “I can’t wait till I get to the first grade.”

Then we get there and we have school lunch and we go, “What was that all about?” Next, we can’t wait till where the king of the school, maybe sixth grade.

Then, all of a sudden we get demoted again when we become a freshman in junior high or middle school. But again we can’t wait until we’re in ninth grade.

Then we go to high school and now we’re the sophomore and we can’t wait until we’re a senior, when we’re the king of the school. We’re finally there and then all of a sudden you got to college and you’re the freshman again, and we can’t wait until we graduate from college.

Once we graduate we go out and start our entry level position but can’t wait till we get a better job.

A better paying job or I can move from my current car. I can move from my Honda Civic to a Tesla, or I can get a bigger home, a boat, a motor home, and a second home.


Somehow we think that we’re going to finally be happy when we get “there,” whenever there is.

So the key is being grateful and happy, where you are at, wherever you’re at in your life.

So let’s take this triangle or pyramid represents humanity and there’s about 7.2 billion people currently on the earth today. I’m Christian and so from Adam and Eve until Today, it’s been estimated there’s been about 70 billion people on the planet.

I’m just trying to give you a ratio here, whatever your beliefs are. Would you realize that most people who live on the earth today or who have ever lived on planet Earth, would look at you and me, our lifestyles, our homes with our two or three car garages, our kitchens, and our bathrooms, and they would say, “What do you have anything to complain about?


You’re already there. I mean, the pharaohs of Egypt would have given their eye teeth to have a flush toilet.

You know, I see kids in America sometimes throw tantrums because they can’t figure out how to open their second bag of Cheetos, because their hands are too greasy from the first bag. Most people on this planet have never had their first bag of Cheetos.

These are first world problems and so happiness should not be contingent on some future result. Is the drama in life more important than being happy where you are at?

So what I love to teach my children, grandchildren, and my employees is, “Let’s be extremely grateful that we’re already there.”


We are already so blessed, and once we have that perspective, we have four freedoms that most people who have ever lived on planet earth have not been able to enjoy.

The freedom of time to be able to use time as you see fit. Many people spend their entire waking day trying to get rid of that pain right there.

We have freedom of time and we have freedom of money; to be able to go out and create value and be compensated for it, and we don’t have to work 24-7 to do it. We have that opportunity.

We have the freedom of purpose to be able to determine the purpose that we are going to live life every day. Every Monday morning I get to decide my purpose.

Finally, the freedom of relationships to be able to choose to hang out with who you want to hang out with. And I teach that who you will be 5-15 years from now is primarily a function of who you choose to hang out with and what you choose to feed your brain and your body.

So my hope is that you can employ these four freedoms and bless those that you care about to appreciate that we’re already blessed, and let’s harness these freedoms to have a more abundant life so that we want abundance for everybody else in our families and in our circles.