What Does It Means to Empower Your Wealth?

Doug Andrew has seen a remarkable surge in the number of people expressing interest in and taking part in the numerous educational seminars he conducts regularly. Part of this increased interest in learning from his decades of experience as a financial and retirement planning strategist is connected to a video series in which he is featured.

As Doug related last week, he is a key contributor to the video series “Money Revealed” along with about 20 other financial strategists and gurus. Doug’s interview in Episode 8 blew the interviewer away, and for good reason.

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What was supposed to be a 50 minute interview went on instead for nearly an hour and 20 minutes. Among the key principles and ideas Doug covered, were things like optimizing your assets, financial and otherwise, minimizing taxes and to empowering your authentic wealth. If that’s something that arouses your interest, you’ll love what he shares in today’s broadcast.


  • Why do so many people believe they’re going to be in a lower tax bracket when they reach retirement? Doug spells out why this is no longer axiomatic and what it might mean to your future plans.
  • Do you feel trapped by your IRA or 401(k)? Doug explains how to move your money from tax-deferred status to tax-advantaged in order to protect your nest egg..
  • Why is it best to get your taxes over and done with now and to strategically accumulate your future savings tax-free? Learn why those who don’t do this stand to lose up to a third of their retirement money to the tax man.
  • What does it mean for your retirement when your money is growing tax-free? If you could do with doubling or even tripling your net spendable income in retirement, you’d want to know how, right?
  • Who is most at risk of outliving their retirement savings? Doug shares the sad truth about what this may mean for millions of Americans.
  • When it comes to saving and preparing for your brighter future, do you know how to direct your efforts most wisely? Once you’ve heard Doug’s rules for “good, better and best”, you’ll sleep better at night.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.