Things You Should Know About the Coming Election Year

Things you should know about the coming election year will encompass a lot more than simply political matters. There are also serious considerations regarding your money and savings for the future that must be understood.

All we need to do is look at some news stories about the nation’s attitudes towards this coming election to see how the American populace feels about taxes, socialism and larger moves to the left. This can also be seen on our nation’s college campuses.

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One example of these attitudes can be seen in how some students regard the topic of student loans. They aren’t worried about taking out these loans to pay for their education because they believe that the right candidate will simply forgive their student loan debt. Where do you suppose they’re getting that idea?


  • When it comes to tax reform, are taxes likely to become higher for most people, or lower? Doug Andrew explains what a number of politicians have in mind and why you should be prepared.
  • Is your retirement nest egg safe from the possibility of rising taxes? Doug shares timely information on the difference between tax-deferred and tax-free savings and why it’s so critical to understand..
  • Why are some politicians convinced that it’s getting safer for them to start raising taxes more broadly? Learn how the American people are sending out signals that they’re more receptive to this than they have been.
  • How is an entitlement mentality taking hold among upcoming generations? Doug spells out how it’s happening and how you can abolish this mindset among your children and grandchildren.
  • Why are socialist programs like the Green New Deal a deadly threat to your future savings? If you don’t understand how these programs will be paid for, you may pay a high price to learn.
  • Do you understand how many different ways you can be taxed? Doug shares his favorite savings vehicle to get the taxes out of the way up front and never have to worry about them again.
  • And much, much more…

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