The Power of the Epiphany

The power of the epiphany is something everyone should experience. An epiphany is that “ah-ha” moment that comes when we clearly understand the nature or essential meaning of something. Over the years, Doug Andrew has helped to educate thousands of individuals about financial strategies and retirement planning to help them secure their brighter futures. He often asks them to think about their favorite epiphanies they’ve had regarding what they’ve learned.

These are moments to celebrate as they can represent needed clarity in understanding where we are and where we are going. Some of the participants at Doug’s seminars, webinars and one day events will experience the power of the epiphany up to 100 times in the course of a single event. That’s a lot of clarity.

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In today’s broadcast, Doug shares some of the most powerful “ah-ha” moments that these attendees have shared with him. You’ll learn what has had the greatest impact on these folks and why these ideas and strategies can have a similar empowering effect on you.


  • Do you consider their taxes to be an asset? Once you hear Doug’s explanation, you’ll never see your taxes the same way again.
  • If you are saving in anIRA or 401(k), are you in danger of outliving your retirement nest egg? Doug explains the difference between tax-deferred and tax-free accumulation and how each might affect your retirement..
  • Is it possible to redirect otherwise payable taxes and to double or even triple your net spendable retirement income? Experience the power of the epiphany when Doug shares how taking ownership yourself removes the need to rely on government to provide for you.
  • Why is ownership the key to greater abundance? Doug spells out the difference in mindset that comes from taking ownership of their financial future.
  • Should you count on the government to plan your retirement? Once you understand the immense unfunded promises that have been made through programs like Social Security or Medicaid, you’ll likely reconsider.
  • Do you believe that taxes will be higher in the future because of irresponsible government spending? You’ll want to know Doug’s rules for “good, better and best” when it comes to countering this possibility.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.