The Best Retirement Planning Starts With Timely Solutions

The best retirement planning starts with timely solutions. Of course, the sooner we understand the nature of common retirement planning problems, the better our results will be.

In his 45 plus years as a financial planner, tax reduction and retirement planning strategist, Doug Andrew has helped thousands of people deal with these common quandaries. Doug has observed that there are 3 different types of people when it comes to how we approach these problems.

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Whether you’re oblivious to the problems or somewhat aware, or whether you can clearly see the problem but don’t know which solution to apply, you’ll appreciate Doug’s message.


  • How can anyone be oblivious to risks that higher taxes may pose for them at retirement? It’s not just the folks saving who don’t know what they don’t know. Even financial professionals may be in the dark.
  • If you’re utilizing a 401(k) or an IRA to save for retirement, how well do you understand the difference between tax-deferred and tax-free accumulation? Understanding the risks of future taxes now can help you avoid costly complications later..
  • Why is it better to admit that you have financial problems rather than to be the kind of person who finds it difficult to admit to problems? Only one of these types of people will be likely to prosper in the long run.
  • Do you believe you’ll be in a lower tax bracket at retirement? When you hear Doug’s explanation of why this is no longer axiomatic, you’ll appreciate why the best retirement planning starts with timely solutions.
  • Will your money ever be worth more than it’s worth today? Doug lays out the facts regarding what inflation is and why it’s not going away.
  • How can you know with certainty that your nest egg is safe, even during times of ongoing market volatility? Learn how to enjoy the benefits of market growth without risking the loss of declining markets.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.