Plugging In the Right Formulas to Solve Life’s Problems

Plugging in the right formulas to solve life’s problems isn’t rocket science. So don’t be intimidated.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs starts with survival. As we progress toward the top of the pyramid, we have needs for safety, belonging and achievement as we make our way up the ladder to self-actualization.

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In the four and a half decades that Doug Andrew has been a financial strategist and tax minimization specialist, he has come to prefer the term “self-transformation” instead. It’s an idea that has helped countless people prepare for retirement by learning how to plug in the right formulas to solve the problems in their lives.

Doug’s True Wealth Transformation is an 8 step program that unlocks the door to meaningful self-transformation and becoming the best in every area of our lives. This includes our emotional, financial, spiritual, social and mental well-being.

As you transform yourself, you’ll want to be sure you’re hitting every area of your life, not just the financial one.


  • Do you find yourself spending most of your time investigating rather than enacting solutions? Doug’s solution formulator, used to rethink your thinking, is a proven tool for making real progress.
  • What is–by far–the most requested topic that Doug is asked to teach financial professionals like tax attorneys and CPAs? Hint: Anyone with money in an IRA or 401(k), will find this information extremely helpful.
  • What causes so many people to spend their lives spending their physical health in pursuit of financial health? Is it worth the trade-off?
  • How can we make our transformations spiritual, emotional, social, mental, financial, etc.? Doug explains what the distractions are that keep us one dimensional.
  • Do asset optimization and tax minimization really matter? Once you understand these two strategies, you’ll know why they’ll make a world of difference when you’ve reached retirement.
  • Why is the key to meaningful transformation related to so many different areas of our lives? Doug explains how plugging in the right formulas to solve your problems allows you to achieve balance between those areas.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.