Making Sense of the Cries of ‘Recession’

Making sense of the cries of “recession!” has never been more important. Many pundits and left wing politicians are taking a highly pessimistic tone when it comes to the economy.

Doug shares the story of a successful hot dog stand owner to illustrate the power of a positive attitude. The condiments and hots dogs could have been easily purchased somewhere else, but his customers kept coming back for his cheerful attitude. The man’s son comes home from college and the son expresses surprise at his dad’s success.

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After all, the son reminds his dad, the economy is not so healthy right now. Eventually, he persuades his dad to cut back on advertising and growing his hot dog stand. You can probably guess what happened next.


  • What should we think when we hear others speaking pessimistically about the economy? Doug’s answer will help you make sense of the cries of “recession” and how to answer them.
  • If your nest egg is in a 401(k) or an IRA, do you understand the impact of tax-deferred versus tax-advantaged accumulation? Doug spells out just how important this difference is..
  • Is it possible to get a positive outcome from a negative experience. As Doug show, out attitude makes all the difference.
  • How do we develop the flexibility to remain optimistic, regardless of what’s happening economically? Doug shares a personal experience of how he learned to do this.
  • Why are liquidity, safety of principal and a predictable rate of return essential parts of our future financial plans? Doug explains the LASER fund that helps us achieve all three of these goals.
  • How can our serious money be protected from ongoing market volatility? Learn how to safely grow during good years and to not lose money during down years..
  • And much, much more…

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