Live Abundant on Forbes

Doug Andrew and Live Abundant was featured on a great Forbes article from David K. Williams recently. Here is an excerpt and link to the full article.

This week I spent time with Doug Andrew, of Live Abundant. Doug hosts radio shows through the U.S. and on iTunes and has served as a lead presenter on financial, health and life fulfillment topics for a number of years.

He has authored ten books, four of which have been bestsellers (including “The Last Chance Millionaire” and “Millionaire by Thirty,” which he co-authored with his two sons). We met for lunch to talk about his newest book on a topic that is a high priority for us both: “Entitlement Abolition.” Two hours later we knew we could have talked for many more hours.

Entitlement at work is a major problem for America. It is the bane of entrepreneurs, who by their very nature are attuned to working every opportunity as if their lives depended on it (which they do). For an entrepreneur to take their livelihood for granted is unthinkable. Yet we see people entering the workforce in droves with expectations such as “I have data that says I am owed such and such amount of money as a base salary to walk through your door, regardless of what I produce.”

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