Learning From Our Mistakes can Take Us Higher

Learning from our mistakes can take us higher, if we let them. We only truly prosper when we grow and learn.

To illustrate this truth, Doug Andrew likes to share the personal experience he had of running out of fuel while flying an airplane.

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One of the laws of lifetime growth is to make your learning greater than your experience. Our greatest growth won’t always be a product of when everything went right. Learning from our mistakes provides us with real opportunities for growth


  • What can we learn from the repeated failures of people like Walt Disney or Thomas Edison? As Doug explains, they didn’t let their setbacks stop them from working toward a goal.
  • Is is time to retire the 401(k) and to do something better instead? Doug gives you some clear alternatives to tax-deferred savings that will protect your retirement nest egg.
  • As with Doug’s airplane story, how often do we fail to see the clear warnings right in front of us? Doug shares how we can become complacent and comfortable in ways that can hurt us.
  • What are the signals that are flashing in front of us regarding our economic markets? Learn how to shake off the complacency and take decisive action to protect your retirement nest egg.
  • Why are so many people caught unawares when a major market correction happens? Doug suggests some proven ways to position your savings so you’re not one of the unprepared.
  • How can you prepare so that when the financial tide goes out you’re not found swimming naked? Doug talks about the LASER test and how it can protect your serious cash.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.