Safety Is Just One Key to a Prudent Retirement Vehicle

Where were you during the “Lost Decade”? Between 2000 and 2010, millions of Americans suffered from a devastating loss of retirement savings.  In fact, due to economic upheaval and instability, many ended the decade with their retirement hopes completely obliterated. But do you know what is truly sad? Had these people utilized indexing, they likely wouldn’t have lost a dime due to the plummeting stock market values.

So that was then, but what about now? The next 10 years are likely going to see chaotic ups and downs, as well.  Don’t be a victim of volatility.

Indexing can give you the ability to protect your principal against loss and grow your nest egg competitively.


Essentially, indexing insulates you from market bubbles.  It gives your money a safe harbor where stormy seas of volatility can’t sink your retirement ship. With indexing:

  1. Your money is linked to the market so that when the stock market performs well, you participate in the market gains.  At the same time, if the market loses, your money is protected with a guaranteed floor.
  2. Your cash value will receive an indexing credit, based on the market/index that you select.  When that market grows during a segment, which is commonly 12 months, your cash value will be credited with interest.
  3. If the market you are tied to experiences large losses, like many did in 2003 and 2008, your cash value won’t decrease due to market performance.  The downside risk is eliminated because of a guaranteed floor.  Because your money is not in the market, but linked to the market, and because of the guaranteed floor, it is safe and secure.
  4. Any gains from a previous period are locked in and protected against loss, even if the index you are tied to loses in future segments.  Each and every year this resets, so gains are added to the principal and never lost due to market performance.


  1. Max-Funded, Tax-Advantaged Insurance Contract:  If you are looking to minimize taxes and grow your money in a tax-advantaged environment that also can have tax-free at-retirement benefits, this is the vehicle to choose. When structured correctly and funded optimally, these policies can be very inexpensive, compared to other types of insurance and retirement methods.
  2. Fixed Indexed Annuity: If you would rather use indexing with a product that can guarantee payments so that you never run out of money, click here to learn about our fixed indexed annuity.  (While we refuse to sell 99% of all annuities in the marketplace, a select few have passed our level of scrutiny, and this is one of them.)

If you would like to attend a seminar or webinar that takes an in-depth look at indexing, click here.

You can also meet with one of our licensed professionals who can answer questions and show you how these products may work in your particular situation.  We call this a True Wealth Discovery meeting. Click here to get started.

*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.