How to Pay Less in Taxes

How to pay less in taxes is information each of us should know. More specifically, we should know how to pay less in taxes at retirement.

As a tax minimization specialist for more than 45 years, Doug Andrew has a lifetime of personal experience in this subject. If you are serious about protecting income from taxes, especially as you reach retirement, this is knowledge you must know.

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One of the most realistic risks that we can face during retirement is the prospect of outliving our savings. The proper strategies to legally and ethically avoid unnecessary taxes, can make an enormous difference in how far your nest egg will carry you.


  • What if you had 35-50% less in retirement savings than you think you do? Anyone who is accumulating their money in a tax-deferred account like an IRA or 401(k) is running this risk..
  • Why are tax-free savings a safer vehicle than tax-deferred savings? Doug explains the advantages of paying those taxes once and being done with them forever..
  • Can you really count on being in a lower tax bracket upon reaching retirement? Learn how we tend to lose our most valuable deductions the closer we get to retirement.
  • Why is it likely that taxes will continue to go up in the future? Doug spells out the problems associated with ongoing government spending and why it’s not likely to slow down any time soon.
  • How can you enjoy liquid assets safely learning predictable rates of return? Once you understand what the LASER fund is an how it works, you’ll see why this is one of Doug’s favorite strategies.
  • What is the difference between the various retirement planning vehicles? If you’re serious about understanding the difference between good, better and best, Doug has the answers you seek.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.