Finding Greater Happiness In the New Year

Though none of us know what the new year will bring, it’s a safe bet that we’re all about finding greater happiness in the coming new year.

In this week’s episode, Doug Andrew shares 10 relationship breakthroughs that will help us to find true happiness in the new year. He also shares his take on why he has no fear when the stock market starts to whipsaw up and down and takes a nosedive.

Also, in keeping with the season, Doug has some timely insights on the three dimensions of authentic wealth.


Each year during the month of December, Doug and his family do an exercise in relationships that has become a favorite with young and old alike.

If you can see the value of closer communication, stronger growth and much needed fun within your family, you’re going to love this. You’ll also love the side benefits it brings

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  • What are the Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth? Doug explains what they are and why all three are a necessity if finding greater happiness in the coming year is your goal.
  • What is the advantage of having your family on the same page when it comes to rallying around each other’s goals for the new year? Doug spells out how it works.
  • Is there something better than New Years resolutions? Something powerful occurs when we write down what needs to happen within the next 365 days to bring us greater happiness.
  • Who can rest easy when market volatility is taking place? If you have an IRA or 401(k), this is very timely information to have.
  • Ever heard of the LASER Fund? If you’re serious about enjoying a worry-free retirement, this is a concept you’ll want to know.
  • We’ve seen the stock market decline up to 40% twice in the past 17 years. What do you need to know to be able to shrug it off, knowing that you’re not losing money?
  • And much, much more…

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