Creating the Right Kind of Opportunities In Abundance

Doug Andrew has many opportunities to write articles for a variety of publications. He recently had an article titled “Prioritize Your Opportunities With This Checklist” published in the Harvard Business Review. It offers solid advice for business owners all over the world. It also has application to you and me. Experience has taught Doug that it’s entirely possible to create more opportunities in the world than a person has time to seize. The problem is that most people go through life with more capabilities than opportunities. If you’re ready to flip that challenge on its head, you’re going to love this week’s episode.

Check out this sneak peek at what Doug reveals in his latest broadcast:

  • Learn how to filter which opportunities to seize, which ones to delegate to others and which ones to walk away from.
  • Discover the 5 simple criteria on which you can filter your opportunities and act on those that are the best.
  • Do your opportunities give you the chance to engage your deepest passions and talents? What is the reward you seek? Hint: it doesn’t necessarily have to be financial.
  • Doug explains why it’s so important to get out of our comfort zones and to stretch our abilities in order to have lasting impact.
  • You understand that property appreciates in value, now learn how to raise the value of the people around you.
  • What are the three biggest financial opportunities that you could choose to seize? Learn how these opportunities help you overcome three corresponding financial dangers.
  • And much, much more…

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