Is Your Retirement SAFE in the Stock Market?

Here’s a question for you. Do you think the next 10 years are going to be more like the 90s (1990-1999), or more like 2000-2010?

The world you live in has changed from the unprecedented economic and financial growth of the 90s to a world with new threats to your retirement money that includes terrorism, inflation, massive national debt, government overspending, higher future taxes, and globalization.

The outdated retirement strategy of “buy and hold” clashed with this unpredictable world head-on in 2003 and 2008, with catastrophic results for investors just like yourself. Many investors lost 38% in 2003 and then finally gained their losses back by 2008. Unfortunately, in 2008, tragedy struck again, and it took until after 2013 to correct those losses.

Did “buy and hold” pass the “safety test?” Absolutely not. Are you willing to risk your future on this antiquated strategy of hope?

With a new set of rules you cannot only survive, but THRIVE during otherwise volatile, stormy years.


You’ve fought, battled, and set aside your money to have the freedom retirement will bring. As you’re well aware, freedom comes at a price, and if your nest egg disappears due to stock market unpredictability, it puts your retirement at risk, unpredictable, and unsure.

Too many would-be retirees are having to work longer and harder than they planned, due to financial losses. You don’t need to follow the crowd. You’ve worked too hard to accumulate your money.

Indexing is protecting savvy savers from the financial storms. It can protect principal during financial chaos, as well as allow for significant gains during periods of market growth.

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