Traditional estate planners most commonly take this high-level view of your financial assets:

  • They ask how many children you have.
  • They determine your net worth based on the assets you’ve acquired, such as your bank accounts, retirement accounts, and property.
  • Finally, they divide up the assets.

But isn’t dividing and conquering the number one rule when destroying an enemy?

This approach is limited and one-dimensional, as it only focuses on your financial assets, which is just one of the three dimensions of Authentic Wealth.


If you simply dump your cash on your heirs without a system of responsibility and accountability, how long do you think your legacy of “money” will last?

History has proven that money dumped on unprepared heirs can cause financial ruin, extraordinary consumption, unhappiness, and even lawsuits between family members. It can easily take a family from a “we” attitude to a “me” attitude.

William K. Vanderbilt, a grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt (the Bill Gates of his time) said this: “It has left me with nothing to hope for, nothing definite to seek or strive for, inherited wealth has been a real handicap to my happiness.”


Our approach is “united we stand.” We are adamant that it is more important to pass down more K.A.S.H. than cash. K.A.S.H. is an acronym that means knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits.

If you could pass down your wisdom and experiences in ways that your children and grandchildren could use, how valuable would that be? And what if you could create a family culture of generational wealth?

In other words, we’re just as interested in passing down how to fish, not just the fish. In addition to passing down financial assets, we encourage you to pass down your wisdom, experiences, and life lessons … a you’ll pass down a legacy of true significance.

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