Common Sense Solutions to Common Financial Problems

In Doug Andrew’s four and a half decades as a financial planner and tax reduction strategist, he has helped thousands of people identify common sense solutions to common financial problems. These problems often involve protecting their future savings against higher taxes, rising inflation and ongoing market volatility.

If you are committed to securing a brighter future for yourself and your family, Doug has the answers you’ll need to avoid the mistakes that are made by a great many people. By the time many folks recognize these problems for what they are, it’s too late.

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Surprisingly few financial planners fully understand these common financial problems, much less the commons sense solutions their clients could be applying.


  • What are the three basic types of people Doug most often encounters—based on how they view their own financials situations? Learn which one you’re most like and what you should do.
  • If you’re accumulating your retirement nest egg in a 401(k) or an IRA, are you likely to pay a steep price in future taxes? Doug spells out how understanding the risks now can set the path for future abundance in retirement..
  • Why is it risky to count on being in a lower tax bracket upon reaching retirement? Discover the painful truth that many will realize too late.
  • Is there any real advantage to waiting to pay taxes on your savings until after you’ve retired? Once you’ve heard Doug explain the difference between tax-deferred and tax-free accumulation, you’ll see why procrastination isn’t an option.
  • Is it possible to protect your nest egg during times of ongoing market volatility? Doug explains the best ways to benefit from market gains without suffering losses during those years the market declines.
  • Why are the people who are willing to admit they have financial problems better off in the long run than the ones who won’t even consider whether they have these problem? Doug reveals why you can’t enact common sense solutions if you can’t admit that you’re experiencing common problems.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.