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Missed Fortune – Delaying California Tax Refunds

Two things that have been bothering me: Delaying California tax refunds and the economic stimulus package. How to take advantage of the new $15,000 tax credit from the government. What do you do when your house goes down in value. Is Congress doing funny math? Do not overpay the government with your taxes. Fill out…

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Missed Fortune – Shelter from Economic Storms

The Negative Experience Transformer.  See the opportunity in the challenge or threat. What do successful people have in common?  Stories of those who took bad news and turned it into good news.  Sheltering yourself from economic storms. Free consultation and analysis plus a 60 page customized free report.  Answering questions from listeners e-mail.  California chief…

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Missed Fortune – Are Infinite Rates of Return Possible?

Why are people feeling confused, isolated, and powerless? Focus on how we can help others. Capitalize on our wisdom. Selling a home in a soft market. Infinite rates of return – Is it possible? The miracle of compound of interest. From one dollar to a million. Safe, positive leverage.

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Missed Fortune – Financial Crisis…Or Opportunity

How do you deal with a financial crisis? Faith and finances. Get in motion and add value to the world. I lost my home in 1982. What I learned that you need to know. How you can buy a home without having your credit check and with no money down. Baby Boom Blunders free e-book.…

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Missed Fortune – Be a Possibility Thinker

Be a possibility thinker. Is fear a factor? Does your financial strategy pass the liquidity, safety, and rate of return test? Position your serious cash where you can access it. Guest Ken Ogan from Ogan Financial Group. With the Missed Fortune strategies our clients haven’t lost their financial principal, even though the market is down.…

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Missed Fortune – Optimists See Opportunity

Topics Discussed: Optimists see opportunity, The Negative Experience Transformer – Being grateful and gratitude, Doug’s negative experience that formed the Missed Fortune philosophy, Three secrets learned

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Missed Fortune Radio

Thanks for joining us today on the show. Here are some of the items of note from this week. DOUG LIVE. Doug will be speaking on Saturday, January 24th in Woodland Hills, CA. To register for this free event call us at 800-925-0217 or quickly register online by clicking here.  This event is free due…

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