Become a Thriver and Enjoy a Life of Abundance


Where do you fit on the curve? With a bell curve, as you may remember from your college days, the masses are usually in the center, with smaller numbers of people on the negative and positive sides of the curve. So, where would you consider yourself on the bell curve of wealth? Are you a Striver, Thriver or Diver? “Huh?” you may be thinking…let me explain.

In my four decades-plus as a financial strategist and Abundant Living Coach, I have concluded there are five stages of wealth: Striver, Arriver, Thriver, Survivor and Diver. Let’s start with the group on the farthest left of the bell curve, the Strivers.

Strivers and ThriversStrivers are always striving, trying to achieve happiness or financial independence. But they’re what I call financial jelly fish. They don’t have the backbone to do what it takes to move ahead. They live for the moment, always finding themselves with too much month left at the end of their money. They see a flat screen TV, they buy it. Their friends are going to Mexico, so they decide to go, too. Not enough cash? No problem, they put it on credit. They make a habit of borrowing to consume instead of to conserve. They don’t seem to be centered. They have what I call “decide-a-phobia,” and they always chase the next big thing. Strivers are looking for happiness in things, people or experiences, instead of within. They find themselves constantly awash in the sea of life. Frankly a lot of people will live in this category for their entire lifetime. And they will pass it on, with this pattern of being a Striver going on for generations.

Then we have the Arrivers who begin to be captains of their own souls. They decide that they must take action to have a more satisfying life. From a financial standpoint they learn the three marvels, or miracles, of wealth: compound interest, tax-favored accumulation, and safe positive leverage using Other People’s Money (OPM). They also take charge of their health, improving their nutrition, exercise and overall well-being. They find a spiritual path that leads to more inner peace and abundance. They manage their emotional lives and build healthy relationships. They feed their intellectual needs and improve their skills. To them, life becomes productive and fulfilling, balanced and fruitful.

Now what about Thrivers? The difference between the Thrivers of the world and the Arrivers is they don’t stop there. They take all that is good about being an Arriver and repeat the process over and over again, growing exponentially. They continue to expand and enjoy an abundant life—because abundance breeds more abundance.

Now why, if being a Thriver is what we all aspire to be, would anyone ever let themselves fall from this level? Why wouldn’t they stay there, perpetually adding to their abundance and others’, as well?

In a word, fear.

Too often when people begin to approach retirement, in particular, they hunker down. They are afraid of outliving their money, so they slip into a scarcity mentality. They stop doing what they did when they were thriving. Their money begins to decrease along with their health, and they stop growing. This puts them in the space of being a Survivor. They are just trying to keep afloat. But what ends up happening is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Their wealth and health diminish, and they actually begin to sink.

They officially become Divers. Their quality of life is all but gone, and they spend all their wealth trying to regain their health.

Many people find themselves somewhere between Striver and Arriver. Too few spend their lives as Thrivers, and tragically some decline into Survivors and Divers. My goal would be to help more people become Thrivers.

The key is to understand and apply the principles of True Wealth, to avoid following the herd, and to stay focused on continuing to do the things that grow wealth. By maintaining an abundance mentality, people can go from passing on the Striver mentality to creating generations of Thrivers.

So where do you fit on the curve? Do what it takes to become a Thriver, and you—and your posterity—can enjoy a life of lasting, true abundance.

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