4 Big Secrets to Empower You In Your Financial Opportunities

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a father or mother, a grandparent or a leader in any capacity, it’s empowering to be able to recognize opportunities others might have missed. Doug Andrew often has the privilege of teaching this skill to others. In this episode, he shares vital information about the effect that taxes, inflation and ongoing market volatility can have on your retirement nest egg. You’ll also hear about what authentic wealth is and his favorite financial instrument for liquidity, safety and predictable rates of return.

Here is a quick preview of some of the topics covered in today’s broadcast:

  • It’s no exaggeration that many people miss out on potential fortunes they could have earned. How would you like to know what you don’t already know about these missed fortunes?
  • Some interviewers are shocked when they learn that Doug has never owned and never will own an IRA or 401(k). Wait until you hear his reasons why.
  • Not all savings vehicles are created the same. Learn which provides the greatest liquidity, safety and predictable rates of return.
  • Would you recognize a tax trap if your money was sitting in one? Doug explains what these traps are and how to rescue your savings from them.
  • Do you understand the difference between saving in a tax-deferred account versus saving in a tax-advantaged one? Knowing this difference could be a lifesaver at retirement.
  • Are you planning on being in a lower tax bracket at retirement? Learn why this is not something most people will be able to count on.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.