3 Stories That Illustrate the Importance of Paying Attention to Signals

There are signals all around us in life. Some we’re aware of but there are also those that we can miss if we’re not paying close attention. In today’s broadcast, Doug Andrew shares 3 stories that drive home the importance of the signals around us. One story involves an incident when he was piloting a small plane, another is about the signals our bodies can send us when our health is in trouble. Finally, Doug shares an example of the signals that our economy is sending that we cannot ignore. Once you’ve heard these stories, you’ll understand why complacency is not an option.

Here’s sneak peek at some of the strategies Doug covers in this episode:

  • Why can’t we afford to slip into a routine where we miss what’s right in front of our faces? When you hear Doug’s story of his airplane incident, you’ll see why this is essential.
  • When Doug experienced chest pain while doing cardio, he was tempted to ignore it. Learn why he was grateful he didn’t just brush this signal aside.
  • What are the financial signals that our economy is putting off? If you miss them, you just might want to kick yourself in the future.
  • What are the instruments on your financial dashboard and do you know what they’re saying? Once you’ve learned what to look for, watch for your peace of mind to increase.
  • If you’re not diversifying your money into superior financial vehicles, you’re letting opportunity slip through your fingers. Learn why there are better ways to save.
  • Once you know what signals to look for financially, do you know how to protect yourself? Doug shares some of his best strategies to keep yourself and your money safe.
  • And much, much more…

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