The Power of Defining Your OWN Values

Stand for Something

The Power of Defining Your OWN Values

An anonymous writer once said, “Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” Too often, people don’t want to make their own decisions or choose their future. This is what I’ve described in other articles as “decide-ophobia.” They want other people to tell them what to think. They want other people to determine their future. They end up chasing happiness and fulfillment through the accumulation of things, or idolizing other people, or pursuing others’ ideals. It can lead to a life of frustration and mediocrity.


It’s important to understand what the consequences of surrendering your own thoughts or actions can be. Andy Andrews wrote a book in 2013 titled, How Do You Kill 11 Million People? It’s the story of Adolf Hitler and how he pulled off killing 11 million Jews, even though there were close to 90 million German citizens were right there in his country, many of whom thought or knew that something bad was going on. Nonetheless, he pulled off one of the most horrendous feats in history. He points out the German citizens more or less put their heads in the sand in many instances and tried to ignore the signs that there was a Holocaust taking place. Later on, Hitler admitted how he did it. He said, “If you tell a big enough lie, and you tell it often enough, pretty soon they will believe you.”

Granted, the Holocaust is an extreme example, but anytime we don’t take it upon ourselves to determine our own course, we are at risk of going down paths that may not be the best. For example, it’s important to identify how we feel individually about things like work ethic, capitalism, and social progress.

Strategic Coach (and my friend) Dan Sullivan wrote an essay called, The Fairness Doctrine. He explains that many times people preach fairness, equality or leveling the playing field, and they usually propose that we need to constantly force redistribution from those who have to those that have not. Historically, it has been proven that successful people, when left to their own goodness, provide most of the jobs and pay the majority of taxes in America. Yet when we get too concerned about redistribution, or excessively taxing those people, it actually works in reverse: Jobs are not created. The companies stop innovating and hiring. Why? Because every time they do, they are punished. De-incentivizing productivity leads to continued stagnation in the economy.

In my opinion, we need to avoid relying on governments to take care of us. We need to, as Marshall Thurber puts it, “deal above the line” of shame, blame and justification and take accountability and responsibility for our lives. Government is necessary for some regulations and social services, such as police, schools and libraries. But when we begin to rely too much on government to take care of us in everything we do, we are treading on dangerous ground.

The same “stand for something” principle applies to just about every aspect of life. When it comes to helping people achieve Authentic Wealth, as a financial strategist I am dedicated to teaching proven principles that happen to go against the grain. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve seen too many people follow the crowd and put their money in savings vehicles that lead to lower liquidity, safety of principal, and rate of return. Through writing books (some of which have gone on to be best-sellers), speaking, and hosting my radio program, I’ve helped Americans become more educated and empowered to stand up for their own abundance. It’s been rewarding to see the results for thousands of clients.

In our professional lives, it’s also important to define guiding philosophies, ethics, and strategies that will lead to continued success not only for ourselves, but also for those around us. The same is true with our families. It takes conscious effort to lead our families to higher standards of living in all three dimensions of Authentic Wealth: financial, intellectual and foundational.

The Wealth Architects and Legacy Coaches at Live Abundant are dedicated to helping clients turn the tide of entitlement within their own families, establish habits of abundance, and develop Legacy Banks their children, grandchildren and future generations can carry on into perpetuity. They talk about how rewarding it is to support families in achieving greater success and unity.

As you look at your own life, I would encourage you to do a quick mental review of what you stand for in key areas of life, such as:

• Professional pursuits
• Financial planning
• Spirituality
• Meaningful time with family
• Social progress and justice
• Family relationships
• Friendships
• Charitable giving

If you find you’re on shaky ground in any of these areas, then begin today to clarify what you value, what your goals are, and the path to get there. Because when you stand for the things that matter most, you’re standing tall.

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