Is There Serious Tax Policy Change On the Horizon?

Now that tax season has come and gone, many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief. This is true whether they had to write a check to Uncle Sam or whether they were anticipating a refund. We may be very focused on taxes during April, but Doug Andrew makes it clear that we should maintain awareness all year long. This is why he has been very clear about the importance of being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our taxes. We all have a duty to contribute to the services that benefit all of us, but that doesn’t mean having to pay more than is necessary just to keep feeding Uncle Sam’s spending habits. Doug explains that even with some proposed tax cuts on the horizon, some of the deductions people have taken for granted may be going away..

Here’s a preview of some of the topics he covers in this week’s broadcast:

  • Was Reagan correct in focusing on raising tax revenues rather than simply raising tax rates? Will Trump’s tax plan follow in his footsteps?
  • What three deduction benefits should remain safe and which ones are likely to go away?
  • Changes are coming to the 1031 exchanges and if you’re selling a home, Doug has some essential information you need to hear.
  • Learn about the “deduction reduction” and why you’re likely to end up in a higher tax bracket at retirement than you were during your working years.
  • What will potential corporate tax rate reductions mean for the economy? Does this mean we’re out of the woods?
  • Doug explains how taking decisive action now to maximize your income and minimize your taxes could spell the difference between a comfortable retirement and outliving your nest egg.
  • And much, much more…

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