Is Your Retirement Falling Behind?

There is a myth that savings accounts and CDs (Certificates of Deposit) are completely safe. If safe means that your principal is protected against the volatility of economic and financial storms, then yes, they are safe.

Safety however, means more than just not losing … it means not falling behind.


If your idle dollars aren’t outpacing inflation, you’re getting behind. Inflation is that unseen thief that steals away portions of your financial assets.

No matter what you do, $100 today will buy less in the future. And the higher inflation rises, the less you’ll be able to buy with today’s dollars in the future. That means during retirement, you’ll be able to golf less, buy fewer groceries, and afford fewer vacations.
Recent rates on savings accounts or CDs rarely outpace inflation. Essentially, your money is predictably decreasing in value.


Why not enjoy predictable income that is increasing your money’s value instead?
1. Short-Term Options: For a short-term (five-year) solution, you have access to Structured Cash Flows that offer you the ability to protect your savings against market loss while at the same time enjoying effective yields from 6-8%.

2. Long-Term Options: For a long-term (5+ years) strategy, learn more about max-funded, tax-advantaged insurance contracts or our innovative annuity strategies.

*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.

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