Missed Fortune – Not All Investments Are Equal

Choosing the Right Investments Matters The Baby Boomer generation that has seen its financial health shaken twice in the past decade thanks to ongoing market volatility. Members of Generation X, Y, and the Millennials are also feeling the pinch after struggling to find decent employment after completing college. Many people find themselves feeling disconnected and…

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Can You See the Writing On the Wall?

The Damage Being Done To America Dennis Prager has been a commentator for well over 30 years. He recently summarized the long-term damage being done to America, both domestically and abroad, by the current administration. It’s not a pretty picture for president Obama. As president, he has overseen the weakest recovery from recession in modern…

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We had No Idea what to Expect – Review #122

“My wife and I attended this upon the recommendation from a good friend and we had no idea what to expect. We were very pleased that we went and were impressed with the information that was presented there. The presenters explained their topics superbly and were very organized in the process. I am anxious to…

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